20 November 2008

lovely surprizes

I have NO idea how I got here - just kept pushing keys - the trick will be to find it again!!!

so my loyal reader, Leora, here I made it public that I would get off the computer in order to cook - I did cook - made myself miso soup for breakfast (at noon) and warmed up my rice and veggies from yesterday - had an enjoyable lunch - then put up some beans and barley to soak for cholent (or like those with authentic accents say, chulent), peeled carrots for soup my daughter chose (1 kilo carrots, 2 onions, potato (I'm using sweet potato, only one), one green apple and that which makes this very special, a handful of cashews!!! - saute everything but nuts, add water to cover, and 1 TABLESPOON (that's what makes it not my kind of soup, so much, I never ever use so much, but she insisted - I'll let you know how it comes out - actually she said recipe calls for TWO TABLESPOONS), after all is soft, blend - I suppose cashews go in at the blended stage, I'll ask her.

so still having questions, how to personalize the blog, how to add photos, no idea about labels, etc etc

but never mind - at least I've entered it twice - three times will make it obligatory :>)

now have to deal with son, who just surprized me coming home


SuperRaizy said...

Hey, Klara.
Leora's sending us over here to say hi to you.
Good luck with your blog. I'm looking forward to reading your recipes.

Anonymous said...

One of the things that greatly helped me when I started blogging was to visit other blogs. That's also why I switched from LiveJournal to Wordpress!

Leora said...

First step is to remember your password! Then click Help in Blogger. Ask questions, one at a time, as needed...

Klara said...

Hi SuperRaizy,

Yes, that surprized me. I love your picture - that's something I know nothing about.


that's what I've been doing - then I get so lost, as I start checking out more and more of them. There's just no end!!!!


I put my blog on "favorites" so now I can find it :>) - and it's the same password I have as on other sites, so not sure why it didn't work before.

so first question: why do so many use nicknames and not real names. Is there something to being anonymous??

second question: I got to figure out what is the attraction? why write to strangers? and what to write to strangers? I like meaningful blogs, but how daring to expose myself can I be??

thanks for the support. And as for that soup, it was delicious - but I won't be putting it on my regular list of dishes I make for myself - just something special when my daughter comes home for Shabbos.