12 October 2009

Healing Path

This is just a bit frustrating - but I am in the midst of trying to organize a hand reflexology class and have been receiving huge lessons in frustration and overcoming the obstacles. So although I see I can cc and paste in the link section, I haven't figured out how to manage it in the text section. Unfortunately, the link won't work unless you come join the discussion group, so if any new people out there reading would like to, please feel free to come join.

In brief, Leora mentioned how she enjoyed the comment from another link discussing osteoporosis how important it is to listen to our bodies. I replied how not easy that is - how many have no clue with what is going on inside and are searching everywhere for help.

Just now Mother in Israel reported on the breast awareness movie, Flat (how do I include more links, never mind - will learn later) and I just watched and am so glad more and more people are becoming aware that we just can't continue living (and dying) as we have - but how sad it is that it takes becoming sick to become aware.

My probing was how do we change? how do we learn what our bodies need to really be healthy? We have so many different theories, so many healing stories, so many alternative ideas - one can just drown in it all.

I came to macrobiotics by chance, was looking for more interesting vegetarian cooking ideas. I had no idea that at the time it was considered by many as a "cancer" diet. It isn't to me. It's a path to a healthier life, no matter how healthy or unhealthy we are, we can always use more energy, be more alive, be more aware. To me being healthy is not just about not being in pain. But sadly, that's what it has become for so many today.

08 October 2009

Healing Path

I've asked you more experienced bloggers if there are any rules here - the consensus was there aren't. I don't know why I don't believe that, but to test it, here goes.

I'm going to just copy what I've written on my discussion group - right now that's where I'm comfortable writing - on my group and other groups. OK, I promise I won't copy all that I post, but this one was on a topic that I think alot about, how we all search for healing.

Leora, thanks for the stimulus.

How funny, I can't do it. Well, I still have lots of technical things to learn here. Leora, can you do it??

So if anyone would like to come to my group, macroloversofjerusalem - go to yahoo discussion group and search for it there - ok, I can't copy but I can retype - http://health.groups.yahoo.com/MacroloversofJerusalem

you need to join to read the posts - I'd be happy to welcome you to the group. Just whatever you write for the reason for joining, I will post to the group when introducing you - please don't write because Klara told me to :>)

04 October 2009

Time for something NEW

OK, Rosh Hashana has past, Yom Kippur has past and now starting Sukkoth - looking for what to do and RivkA is having a picnic for bloggers - so am I a blogger? can I become a blogger? not sure, not sure the rules of the game yet

but with many other posts I've written to sites I've been told I should blog

so should I blog because others say so??????

I don't know - but do know feel the Chag feeling of something new in the air - ready to grow, expand, bring something new into my life

Is it sharing with the whole world??? not sure, but I'll see after the picnic

Anyway, glad I found my own blog :>)