08 October 2009

Healing Path

I've asked you more experienced bloggers if there are any rules here - the consensus was there aren't. I don't know why I don't believe that, but to test it, here goes.

I'm going to just copy what I've written on my discussion group - right now that's where I'm comfortable writing - on my group and other groups. OK, I promise I won't copy all that I post, but this one was on a topic that I think alot about, how we all search for healing.

Leora, thanks for the stimulus.

How funny, I can't do it. Well, I still have lots of technical things to learn here. Leora, can you do it??

So if anyone would like to come to my group, macroloversofjerusalem - go to yahoo discussion group and search for it there - ok, I can't copy but I can retype - http://health.groups.yahoo.com/MacroloversofJerusalem

you need to join to read the posts - I'd be happy to welcome you to the group. Just whatever you write for the reason for joining, I will post to the group when introducing you - please don't write because Klara told me to :>)

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Leora said...

Go for it, Klara.