04 October 2009

Time for something NEW

OK, Rosh Hashana has past, Yom Kippur has past and now starting Sukkoth - looking for what to do and RivkA is having a picnic for bloggers - so am I a blogger? can I become a blogger? not sure, not sure the rules of the game yet

but with many other posts I've written to sites I've been told I should blog

so should I blog because others say so??????

I don't know - but do know feel the Chag feeling of something new in the air - ready to grow, expand, bring something new into my life

Is it sharing with the whole world??? not sure, but I'll see after the picnic

Anyway, glad I found my own blog :>)


Leora said...

You write beautifully on your Yahoo group. You can just pick and choose from those posts what to share on your blog.

You are already blogging via that group, but here it is more public and shared, open to the world and to search engines.

RivkA with a capital A said...

I agree with Leora!

Just do it!!