07 December 2008

Abundance or waste??

There are many new age philosophies around which center on the idea that there is plenty and we shouldn't be concerned with lack. That works if one is in the mind of what I have is all I need, but doesn't work when ok, ditch it, there'll be more.

At the same time as those who have too much, there are those who are poverty stricken and must depend on others for charity.

Something is wrong with this picture. I've gone through many periods where I have taken boxes of vegetables that are thrown out by health food stores, by green grocers, and by local markets and brought them home to compost. Lately my local small supermarket (makolet) has been saving me the vegetables they deem not worthy of being sold anymore. And there are boxes and boxes and boxes of them. Every week!!! Why can't they lower the price (as it is, the local produce sells for much more than those sold in the open air farmer's market (shuk), when the produce begins to lose it's "first rate" quality, so then perhaps they can sell it all. Why have higher prices to make up for the loss of all the vegetables thrown out? We who buy the produce are the losers in the end.

I also wonder how many people at home use up all their vegetables - or like the market mentality, throw out alot because of poor planning.

I have seen some stores be more efficient. One store I knew saved the produce for the poor who came to get it. Another store saved it for their restaurant which used the vegetables for the food they cooked. In America I'm sure there are plenty of sales of the kind when things are starting to get old. I remember special discount stores that sold day old breads and baked items (you don't see that here). Now at least the idea of giving leftovers from simchas to the poor is starting to catch on. But don't even get me started how much is wasted there!!!!

There's plenty being written how the economic times are getting harder. How come people aren't getting smarter in not wasting??

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