01 December 2008


Do you know people who scream at the television when they don't agree? Or people who make comments as they read the newspapers of all the insane things going on in the world? Almost every week I have thoughts about something written in our local English newspaper, but the truth is it isn't always negative. Lots of great eco stuff has been happening lately and it makes me proud that people are being so innovative.

Usually by the time Sunday comes around I never actually write to the paper - lost opportunities. But this time I finally did (ok, Monday now) - and with it, made a copy and tied it together with a health seminar that I'm part of the organizing and have sent it to everyone I know - except on facebook. Facebook and blogging still presents technical challenges - but for those who have discovered my blog (and haven't received it through email) here's what I wrote to the Jerusalem Post - now to see if they'll publish it.

From: Klara LeVine
Subject: money does not equal health
To: maglet@jpost. com
Date: Monday, December 1, 2008, 6:47 AM

To the editors,

I know the Jerusalem Post is not responsible for the contents of their ads and that ads are needed to continue the business of publishing the paper. But the two full page ad from Telma on November 21 must have cost quite a few shekelim - which makes me wonder if perhaps Telma isn't doing so well. And I felt took great advantage over those truly looking for health - healthy foods coming from the whole grains, beans and many vegetables do not have big corporations behind them and are much healthier than a processed food which may contain sugar and preservatives and who knows what else. The exaggerated first page does make a point - the world of alternative health perhaps has gone overboard - which only goes to show how desparately people are searching for health. Perhaps the magazine can help by having more articles on the simple ways people can regain health - as mentioned by eating natural whole products.

Klara LeVine
Har Adar

privately to the editors: I can understand if you do not want to publish the above letter as it may be shooting yourselves in the foot by offending Telma and therefore taking away much needed income - if so, please give me the opportunity to rewrite it a bit tamer, tho I think it's a responsibility to all mankind to let them know that health doesn't need to cost so much. Processed foods always cost more than natural foods and are never truly as healthy.

I think it's a very important issue that needs to be brought to the public's attention.



Leora said...

Kosher processed foods is big business. I just spent a day with a friend in this business. She gets so excited when a new product becomes kosher.

Until some other business pays for ads for the Jerusalem post, they are going to have to continue to take ads from Telma. That's how businesses operate. Is this a good place to put your energy?

Klara said...

ah, energy - huge question - some people have warned me that blogging also takes lots of energy. Just being on the computer also does. Once I used to carry a bag with me on my walks and pick up all stray plastic bottles for recycling. Focusing our energies on what's important is a huge topic. That's why it's good there are so many people in the world, so lots of things can have different people putting there energies on so many important issues. Yes, trying to make a plug for natural foods is always important in my eyes. Writing that letter didn't take all that much energy.

Klara said...

rereading all this now is a pleasure - that letter was never published, nor did I hear from the Jerusalem Post :<( guess I didn't really expect any different.

Facebook discussion got me to reread here - but don't think I'll be adding any blogging to my life. But glad it's here in case I ever change my mind.