12 November 2008


here's the start of something new - for right now it's just so I can join the blog world easier - where it will go, who knows

feels funny without an audience - it's out there, yet not

like alot of the cyber world, doesn't feel quite real


Leora said...

Hi! Glad you got this far. Have fun. Relax. There are no rules. You make them up as you go along.

Klara said...

I think I got it!!!! let's see if this comment goes through

but where do I go to write up another entry - ok, slowly, slowly as they say here locally

Klara said...

what a challenge all this is!!!! so Leora, my blogging advisor, now I'm stuck figuring out how to get to that page where I can write up an entry.

what fun!!!

Leora said...

Click the NEW POST button and enter anything you want to share with the world.

Klara, go to http://help.blogger.com/ for lots more tips.

mother in israel said...

Welcome to bloggy world.

Klara said...

ah, thank you mother in israel - are there rules somewhere that I should know about? eg, to call you by your name, is that a big no-no?