24 November 2008

go tripping

another question - is there some unwritten rule that each blog entry must fit only one topic - do people sometimes just meander whole bunches of thoughts?

if only one topic: then it's this - it's not that I want to quit before I started, but looks like I'll be joining my husband in the States soon which means my heart's beating faster thinking what must I get done before I leave - so that's a good way to put up priorities - and apologies, but blogging isn't yet a high priority -

so to remind myself for thoughts I'd like to blog on:

1) why blog? (ego? connection? show off????)

2) new calendar (Jewish!!!!!)

3) procrastination and decluttering - big issues - even if I haven't written anything yet on it, I'd love hearing great wisdoms on it from anyone

so unless I suddenly change and become greatly organized and on top of it all, I may not come back for a while

but that's the nice thing about (most of) life, you can always come back and try again.


Leora said...

No rules about more than one topic, but you will probably get more responses if you do one topic at a time. Easier on us readers.

I've blogging about topics I've wanted to post about when I have more time, and then slowly built up the topics when time becomes available.

If you do end up in the U.S., have a great trip.

I would love it if we could get a picture of trees and forests for your header...

Klara said...

oh boy so much to learn. sorry I didn't see comment earlier - I need to know how to let the computer tell me there are comments.

some people don't do windows (pun on purpose) - I don't do photos (yet)- the idea of trees and forests was not so much nature, as I know you love, but rather how sometimes it's good to see the big picture, but sometimes life is in the details. One day I'll sit and write that up as a post, maybe.